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Just Another Web Design is a service for all your web needs!  Simply put, Just Another Web Design gets you on the web just like any other design company, although unlike large corporations, we design what you want, at an affordable price, for both business and individual needs.

The Resume Page For Andrew Hopkins is an http based resume, showing my work history, hobbies and skills.  It also leads to my portfolio for pages that I've designed on the web.

The Baby Page For Nicolas Hopkins is a page dedicated to my handsome and wonderful son, Nicolas!  There is a large photo gallery, and the website will grow in time, just as he does!

Oingo Boingo Insanity! is a fan page dedicated to the rock band out of Los Angeles that is unique in about every way possible!  There is pictures of the band, lyrics to many of their songs, links to other fan pages, and some promotional fliers circulated during the time Oingo Boingo played.  Check it out to learn more!

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