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Web Design

We can take your idea and make it a reality, or come up with an idea from scratch.  We can charge by the page, or by the hour.  We can also negotiate a website package with a flat rate.

We can also offer to add in a guestbook for a flat rate, but you must have proper hosting that will accommodate a guestbook, or we can find a guestbook service that can suit your needs.




Graphic Design

Our graphic work includes things such as; banners to promote your site, company logos, or touchups to existing logos or photos.  This is charged hourly, unless otherwise included in a web package.



Hosting Options

There are many hosting options available on the internet, and we can find the most suitable one for your website, to suit your budget, and/or your projected bandwidth requirements.




Websites are no good if they aren't kept up to date!  Weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, or daily updates (in certain circumstances) of your web page can be made with an hourly fee, or a flat rate in certain circumstances.  There is no additional cost for the time needed to upload your page to the internet.



Additional Misc.

Depending on what you want to have on your website, either now or in the future, you may need to have someone scan in pictures or graphics, or do crops and touchups.  If you need sound for your web page, or video we can dub that in as well.  This is charged as an hourly rate, or comes as a quote for recurring work, or work done as part of a package.



Quotes & Information

If you would like any additional info or a price quote, please feel free to email Admin@AndrewHopkins.com with a rough idea of what you're looking for, and email address or phone number, and we will contact you as soon as possible!


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